On the other side of the shore



Have you ever had that someone in your life with whom you shared a fantastic and loving relationship? But then something happened, the situations changed and circumstances dragged you apart. I’m not talking here only about your partner, but anybody- your best friend, your teacher, your neighbor.. anybody! But, even when you felt apart and chose different ways you still could not forget that person and the time spent with him? This poem is about that person in my life. I’d love to know your views about it… 

The ice has begun to melt 

The night is coming to an end
Sky is turning bright
I have started to walk again into the light.

I’m looking at the sea, now silent and calm
Remembering those days in the lines of my palm.

The tide has settled, it’s time to row

Shore is pushing me away, says “It’s time to go.”

Those footsteps of yours beside mine are long gone.
Your memories are the one who are following me along.
The stars have faded into the darkness of night
Dawn is making its way by letting this dew subside.

That tree on which there was once a witch and her crow
Its leaves are coming back, making home for squirrels and sparrow.

That barge which you used to row.
That bicycle of mine you would toe.
Those colorful candies you always brought
That taste of your pastries.. I never forgot. 

Always you told me to keep up the hope

Because the night always dies.
But never did you tell me
That time too flies.

Not forever I could keep you I know
But I’ve some great stories for the world to show.
The clock is ticking and we’ve got separate ways to go
Even the journey is long. Though,

I believe we will meet at the end of the horizon
Again to hold hands, run and jump to touch the sky
And to share a relation which the situations won’t deny.





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