Forever by my side!

As the night grows dark
Your memories settle by my side,
Like a companion they take hold
All set to go for a ride.

You listen to my all day stories
And laugh at my joke
This is the time I find myself back
When I’m tired of wearing a happy cloak.

You hold my hand

And take me to the moon.
I insist u to stay longer,
And not to return any time soon.

 Then we take a stroll under the sky

You show a world full of love.

I wish for more, I want you more

You smile at me like an angel above.

Your touch so soft
Like the time has stopped.
It’s your breath I’m breathing,
To you forever, in my dreams I’ve locked.

The times we spent

Cradle me down the lane.
I look around the places and
In the every corner your memories remain.

You wipe my tears and hug me tight.

You look at me and say,
Soon the things will be alright.

And you’ll always be here by my side

Everyday, every night.

Now you sing a lullaby 

And ask me to sleep.
Promising to return again
From my thoughts of yours, hooked so deep!




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