On the path of life
When you are walking on a knife
A stranger comes across and gives you a smile.


Like a companion, a friend
It gives you a new hope,
Breaking the sad old trend.


When you need someone to bring you up
When you are low at your end
This stranger gives you a hand
And straightens your bend.


When sun is blazing with heat
When you have wounds, you don’t know to treat
A stranger brings the soothing rains
and washes your worries off ur feet.


When the people around you begin to fade
When they don’t trust you
A stranger from nowhere pats your back
And resurrect all ur faith so new.


When the night is dark
And you are too sacred to walk
A stranger shows you the light
Flashing down the little star.


Or when your way seems to be tough
And when the terrains are steep and rough

A stranger waves the magic wand
Making it easy enough.


So, I decide to be that stranger for somebody in need
And to be of all the help I cud be.
So that when somebody would turn back and look around
He would certainly think… and think of me.


And forever will I shine in His blessings
Like a pearl a diver gets in the depth of the sea!

3 thoughts on “Stranger

  1. Esabella, I don’t think most people realize how much joy and light they can bring into another person’s life with something as simple as a smile and a friendly hello. Warmth and friendliness are so important.

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